About AIT

AIT was established in 1959 to help meet the growing need for advanced engineering education in Asia. In November 1967, under its present name of the Asian Insitute of Technology (AIT), the Institute became an autonoumous international institution empowered to award degrees and diplomas. Presently, AIT offers advanced education in engineering, sciences, planning and management through a range of activities at levess, and intensities from doctoral reserach to short-term training..

At AIT's campus, students from around forty countries, mainly Asian, learn and live together with faculty, research and support staff from as many nations, worldwide. English is the medium of instruction and written work, as well as the official administrative lanaguage.

The Insitute's 400-acre (160 hectare) campus is located 42 kilometers north of Bangkok, Thailand. Here more than 1000 post-graduate students, mostly from Asian countries, and 200 faculty and international staff, foster advanced technological learning to meet the region's need for more and better trained personnel for key positions in private and publics sectors.

About ISE

Recognized by the intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS), ISE enjoys high rate of top level employment and top ranking world-wide. ISE graduates are normally in high demand in industry, consulting firms and government organizations. ISE currently offers four fields of study (IME, Microelectronics, Mechatronicsand Nano Technology).

Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) offers four fields of study

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME)

Microelectronics and Embedded Systems


Nano Technology

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